Daylight Lodge No. 1288 was chartered December 7, 1944

and merged with Park Place Lodge No. 1172 on February 14, 1992.

Daylight Lodge 1288 - Past Masters

1944-1945Louie J. Brown *
1945-1946Noble S. Lawrence
1946-1947Albert R. McDonald *
1947-1948Herman E. Hayes
1948-1949Clois L. Grant *
1949-1950William G. Andrews
1950-1951Freeman H. Harper *
1951-1952Ollie McDonald
1952-1953George E. White, Sr.
1953-1954Howard A. Hindman
1954-1955Adolph A. Haltmar
1955-1956Gilbert F. Theiler
1956-1957Admiral D. Wilkins
1957-1958John J. Dunn, Sr.
1958-1959Arthur M. Bolinger
1959-1960Albert W. Boyd
1960-1961Virgil C. Cates
1961-1962George F. Thornberry
1962-1963James L. Threadgill
1963-1964Raymond E. Hamrick
1964-1965George W. Visor
1965-1966Rayburn B. Hall, Sr.
1966-1967Charles E. Moore
1967-1968John L. Massey
1968-1969W.E. Whitmire
1969-1970Sylvester A. Roberts
1970-1971Norvil D. Fitch *
1971-1972George Custer, Jr.
1972-1973Hubert H. Kendrick
1973-1974George W. Custer, Sr.
1974-1975Emory E. Wood
1975-1976Marlyn L. Pierce
1976-1977Joe A. Hunter
1977-1978Wayne B. Erwin
1978-1979Edward H. Hubbs *
1979-1980Clayton E. Pearsh *
1980-1981Francies M. Tucker *
1981-1982Frank R. Atkin
1982-1983Donald Tanner
1983-1984Lucius A. Bradshaw *
1984-1985James D. McAdams
1985-1986Charles R. Rouse *
1986-1987Harold V. Gettys *
1987-1988R. Redge Ryan *
1988-1989Albert R. Simpson *
1989-1990Press B. Wycough, Jr.
1990-1991David G. Enderli
1991-1992Avery O. Thorn

Daylight Lodge 1288 Past Masters who served as District Deputy Grand Masters

1958Gilbert F. Theiler30-C
1973James L. Threadgill30-C
1989Harold V. Gettys *30-C